Countering Military Recruiters in Our Schools
"No one should have to kill or support killing for an education or citizenship"
-David Ledesma
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  The Facts about money for college  
    - Only 15% of military personnel who complete their military contract receive a 4 year degree after leaving the military.  
    - Although the Montgomery GI Bill provides between $45,000 to $70,000 for college after your military service, on AVERAGE only $4,500 is actually paid out.  
    - Although the Army advertises FREE money for college, upon enlistment you MUST sign up to pay into the money-for-college program, paying $100 per month for one year. Not so FREE is it!  
    - While in the Army, you are required to accumulate POINTS which will be used to determine how much money-for-college you are eligible for. Not enough points, not enough money!  
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